Crawford Mitchell, ARCA, ARUA


Crawford Mitchell was born in Belfast on the Grosvenor Road in 1908 and went to the Model School for Boys on the Falls Road. From there he won the Dunville Scholarship to the Belfast College of Art, at which he studied for three years before going on a Belfast Corporation Scholarship to the Royal College of Art, where he worked for a further three years as a contemporary of such well known Ulster figures as Mercy Hunter, George MacCann (his cousin), William Scott and James Warwick.


After a successful and lengthy career in teaching in his native Northern Ireland, primarily as Head of the Art Department at Grosvenor High School, Belfast, he retired in 1970 and “began to create again, with all the enthusiasm of a young artist”. 


In 1975 he was elected as an Associate of the Royal Ulster Academy and awarded its Silver Medal. It is a pity that he did not live long enough to enjoy to the full the steadily enduring reputation which his recent work had begun to win for him, not just at home but far beyond the confines of Northern Ireland. Examples of his work are in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. 


This website has been assembled from collections of various individuals, both family and friends. It represents only part of Crawford’s complete output. Any further examples of his work, particularly of his lino-cuts and wood-engravings, would be much appreciated and appropriately acknowledged. All images are protected and should not be reproduced.

Co-ordinated by Iain Mitchell, his nephew, Cambridge, England.

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