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All's well

On finally locating the two 1952 sculptures by uncle George MacCann, in the porch of the Guildhall, Londonderry

Come on on through

They're round the back

That some would call the front. 

Not really sure of

Why who did them when. 

They've been a long time there." 

Well, not that that’s that upsetting

As you can't always be moved

On a regular basis

By what stares you in the face.


Yet it upsets me

That I've taken so long

To pass their way

And give them time of day. 

They didn’t seem to care -

Crisp, clean as the hour 

He malleted them into shape. 

"We're doing fine, just fine

You can let us be. 

We'll be staying here .... 

If you don't mind."

June 2010

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